Beaufort South Carolina Bridal Session

As a wedding photographer, one of the hardest things for us to do is not share your bridal session for the whole world to see. We did this bridal session in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina back in December and we can finally share it now that they have officially tied the knot. Meet the beautiful newlywed Laura Barnhill Platt. Congratulations on your Big Day!!!

Beaufort Bridal Session_0001Beaufort Bridal Session_0002Beaufort Bridal Session_0003Beaufort Bridal Session_0004Beaufort Bridal Session_0005Beaufort Bridal Session_0006Beaufort Bridal Session_0007Beaufort Bridal Session_0008Beaufort Bridal Session_0009Beaufort Bridal Session_0010Beaufort Bridal Session_0011Beaufort Bridal Session_0012Beaufort Bridal Session_0013Beaufort Bridal Session_0014Beaufort Bridal Session_0015Beaufort Bridal Session_0016Beaufort Bridal Session_0017Beaufort Bridal Session_0018Beaufort Bridal Session_0019

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